Dream Factories (2014)

Dream Factories is a feature length documentary currently in pre-production, set to start shooting Summer 2014. 

Dream Factories surrounds the current issues of truancy and academic abandonment being produced by overpopulated and underfunded New York City high schools, and introduces the alternative schools that are being developed to help prevent and correct for them. These schools are here to take over for the business of producing dreams.

The film follows the graduating class of 2014 at South Brooklyn Community High School, the first Good Shepherd Service alternative school built in New York, currently serving as the model for new transfer schools in production. Through a telling of the personal journeys that led them to and through South Brooklyn, these inspiring students help communicate a clear message: no student is one-size-fits-all, and their educational system shouldn't be either. 

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 To learn more about South Brooklyn and other transfer schools, click here: http://www.goodshepherds.org/programs/community/transfer-schools/schools/sbchs.html